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DD RESI DVB-C FSM 4 QAM Modulator Card - PCI Express

DD RESI DVB-C FSM 4 QAM Modulator Card - PCI Express
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  • DVB-C Модулатори
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  • The Resi DVB-C modulator card can feed any DVB sources or other digital media into an existing 75 ohm coaxial cabling.
  • The Resi modulator card output a DVB-C compatible data stream. For example, fed into DVB-S / S2 channels or entire transponder will implemented to your own liking in DVB-C transponder.
  • The RESI DVB-C FSM 4 modulator card is used to feed any DVB signal sources (HDD, DVB-S, DVB-T, etc.) into an existing DVB-C coaxial cabling.
  • 8 Transponder according to DVB-C specification
  • Frequency range: 114 – 858 MHz
  • Symbol rates: 1,0 – 7,1 Msymbols
  • QAM 16, 32, 64, 128, 256
  • Signal / Noise ratio: 42dB
  • Output with 8 channels (per channel): 101 dBµV
  • Other outputs on the DVB-C transponders can be made, such as a video stream of a file for the daily program hotel (Hotel TV) or even a picture of a security camera.
  • When mounting a Common Interface in the system, you can even feed pre-decrypted programs in the DVB-C transponder.
  • With our Common Interfaces with MTD technology you can decrypt up to 4 TV channels simultaneously on different transponders! (Observe the regulations of your PayTV provider or local public service broadcasters)
  • Possible Sources:
  • DVB-S/S2 (Max S8, Cine S2, DuoFlex S2)
  • DVB-T/T2 (Max A8, Cine C2T2, DuoFlex C2/T2)
  • Videostream from a HDD
  • Network
  • Security Camera
  • Through the small dimensions of the RESI FSM, it can be mounted in low and full profile PC cases (PCs with low and full-height).
  • The power consumption of RESI FSM 4 is just 10 watts
  • For the operation is an application software necessary, which is not included. For application developers example programs are available on Linux and Windows
  • Windows drivers
  • Linux drivers
  • Този продукт е разработен и произведен в Германия
  • Гаранция 24 месеца